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Using a pre built library

The easiest way to use our API is to use one of our libraries.
SiteBrains API as pre built library for the following platforms:

Platform DocumentationDownload
.NET ReadSampleSourceBinary
PHP ReadSampleSource
ASP ReadSampleSource

See our detailed API documentation.

These libraries do all of the background pluming for you, exposing simple intuitive methods.
Once you've downloaded a library, all you need to do is reference it from your code and start using its public methods.
Custom integrations
For clients who choose to write their own integration, all our pre built libraries are open source and commented in detail, they can be used as is or serve as a base for a custom library.

Development API keys

In order to set up a testing environment, set up a free test user at sitebrains.com and use that key in your tests.

Structuring custom API calls

A validation call to SiteBrains is a simple POST or GET request.
The request variables should be constructed like a query string, key=value and multiple variables separated by ampersands. Don't forget to URL escape the values.

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